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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Cynthia Ali Studios offers online acoustic guitar group lessons and workshops. You will learn how to play chords, read tabs, read notes and most importantly learn how to play songs you enjoy. Cynthia Ali Studios specializes in fingerstyle playing.

Adult's Beginner Guitar Course 
Learn at your own pace with this digital course:

This is a Beginner Guitar Course is designed to help you learn how to read tabs and learn chords. This is for students that want to learn fingerstyle acoustic guitar.This is a 4 week online digital course. You can complete in 4 weeks or work at your own pace. Watch the 

intro lesson below.

Group LIVE ONLINE Guitar Class for Adults
A variety of workshops and classes offered during the year. ClickClass Schedule below to see the current classes that are being offered.

PODCAST available to listen here:
An Evening In: Learning Guitar
This podcast is for everyone interested in learning acoustic fingerstyle guitar, as a personal pursuit for their own enjoyment.


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