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Piano Lessons

I currently teach piano lessons online from from my home studio in Saint Paul, MN near Como Lake and Roseville.  I have students from all ages. I enjoy teaching students piano and giving them opportunities to perfrom in recitals. My studio has a yearly recital in the Spring. I also offer performance opportunites through the Saint Paul Piano Teachers Association. I am a member of this group and they have many recitals throughout the year.  My hope is that my students will "Learn and Enjoy Music!".

To SCHEDULE an intro lesson or if you have QUESTIONS?:

Email Cynthia Ali at:

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Preschool Piano


Cynthia Ali Studios offers a Preschool Piano Program called Piano for Little Learners with Paisley the Panda. It include an 8 week virtual course for preschoolers.

It is a fun way to introduce your child to piano in the comfort and convenience of your own home.If you are interested in this preschool piano program. please click LEARN MORE.

View sample lessons HERE.

 or if you have QUESTIONS?:

Email Cynthia Ali at:

Piano Video Tutorial Collection

Over 100 Skill Building Tutorials 




Password Required


1) Major scales 

2) Pentascales

2) Warm Up Exercies

3) Intervals

4) Chords

This video tutorial collection is ever growing and expanding.

The  PIANO VIDEO TUTORIAL COLLECTION is an exclusive benefit for school age piano students

of Cynthia Ali Studios. If you are a current student of Cynthia Ali Studios, 

you will be given a password to receive access this collection.

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