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I currently teach flute lessons online from from my home studio in Saint Paul, MN near Como Lake and Roseville. I enjoy helping my students prepare songs for auditions, improve skills for band and prepare them for performances. My specialty is teaching students how to improve their tone, develop musical skills and to become confident performers. My studio offers recital opportunities during the year. My hope is that my students will "Learn and Enjoy Music!".

(Flute Teacher in Saint Paul, MN in the Como Park Neighborhood near Como Lake and just south of Roseville, MN.)

To SCHEDULE an intro lesson or if you have QUESTIONS?:

Email Cynthia Ali at: cynthiaalistudios@yahoo.com

or scheule with button below.

Flute Video Tutorial Collection

Over 200 Flute Tutorials

Password Required


1) Major scales (one octave, two octaves and three octaves)

2) Flute Fingerings

3) Arpeggios

4) Embellishments (trills)

5) Tips for playing the flute

This video tutorial collection is ever growing and expanding.

The  FLUTE VIDEO TUTORIAL COLLECTION is an exclusive benefit for flute students

of Cynthia Ali Studios. If you are a current student of Cynthia Ali Studios, 

you will be given a password to receive access this collection.

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