As a Musician, do you ever get really disappointed?

The emotion of disappointment for musicians is a real thing. Have you auditioned and not gotten in? Or did you think you were going to get first chair and came in 3rd instead?

What about having a performance that wasn't as great as you were hoping? All these events can trigger disappointment.

There is an ancient Chinese practice called Qigong (pronuced Chee-Gong) that can help you learn how to balance your emotions. Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn how to help even out the disappointments that can accompany being a musician. Have you ever heard of Spring Forest Qigong a practice to help you thrive as a musician? Check out the practice group here:

This Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group can help you learn ways to balance your emotions through the Active 5 Element Movements, Meditation, Breathwork, Visualization, Chanting and Head to Toe Healing Techniques.

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