Do you struggle with performance anxiety as a musician?

Can you relate to the struggle of being on stage with your heart racing, hands shaking and becoming breathless. The feeling of wanting to run off stage, never to return. The anxiety mounts and somehow the performance ends leaving you utterly drained and depleted.

Are you are tired of the anxiety performing brings to your life and how it invades your entire life? If so, did you know that you can create a space for stillness that will reduce anxiety in your life.

There is an ancient practice called Qigong (Pronounced Chee-Gong). Qigong in its essence means working with your body’s energy to transform it into something beautiful. Qigong helps you balance your emotions and helps you foster stillness and peace in your life.

Spring Forest Qigong is a beautiful tool that musicians can use in their lives. You can experience these benefits and more.

Benefits from Spring Forest Qigong

1. Relief from anxiety in your everyday life as a musician.

2. Cultivates peace and stillness

3. Fosters overall well-being

4. Creates a space for peace.

I invite you to come to “Qigong for Musicians” Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group to learn how to create this wonderful peace and stillness in your life through Qigong. The practice group has been created for musicians to enhance their musical lives. This practice group is led by Cynthia Ali, Certified Practice Group Leader.

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