Preschool Piano Lessons - Now is the time!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Now is the time to start preschool piano lessons. As soon as your child takes interest in the piano keyboard you can begin piano lessons. It's never too early. A good place to start is by exploring the keys. Play some black keys, then play some white keys. Now try low keys and high keys. What about making loud sounds and soft sounds. Have your child explore the sounds of the keys make. They see what happens with the different pressures fingers can use to play the keys. Try touching the keys lightly like brushing the key with a feather. Now try pressing the key hard like you would if you were ringing a door bell.

Learn piano with Paisley the Panda:

Or what about if you were pushing a key on a computer, try the same touch on the keyboard. There are some many fun things to explore on the keyboard. Now is the time to learn and explore the piano.

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