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Sharing Your Piano Songs with Family

Holidays are a great time to play piano for family members. Holiday gatherings give a great opportunity for piano students to play their songs for family. The student gets benefit from sharing the songs they have learned, while family enjoys listening.

Ways you can share music during the Holidays:

1) If you have a digital keyboard, you could consider brining it to your holiday gathering.

2) Videotape your songs and send them to grandparents or other special family members.

3) Connect with family over ZOOM and play a piano concert for them.

4) Play a duet with your family member.

6) Play the piano and ask people to sing along with you. Everyone loves Jingle Bells and usually know the words.

7) Teach a family member how to play a song.

What ideas do you have for sharing music this holiday? I would love to hear!

Cynthia Ali, NCTM:

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