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A space for you to find relief from anxiety while becoming more balanced and receiving overall well-being as a musician.

Qigong for Musicians 
Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group 

Welcome to Qigong for Musicians!

Qigong for Musicians is a Spring Forest Practice group that has been created to hold the space for musicians to and support them with the practice of qigong. Qigong for Musicians is a growing community of musicians looking to find more peace and calm and overall well-being in their livesBy practicing Qigong, musicians cultivate stillness, become more balanced and have overall well-being.


This practice group is lead by Cynthia Ali, a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader.

Not a musician? Music lovers are welcome too!

JOIN US: Qi-ful Musicians Practice Group (Private Facebook Group)

Qigong for Musicians Practice Group

Qigong for Musicians can help you if:

1. You are tired of having performance ANXIETY that spreads into your everyday life as a musician

2. You suffer from PERFECTIONISM as you practice and perform.

3.  You are looking for PEACE and CALM in your life as a musician.

4. You are looking for overall WELL-BEING

5.  You belief your body is your instrument and you want to TAKE CARE of it to enhance your playing.

6. You are feeling UNINSPIRED musically and need to become unblocked, so your musicality can flow again.





Qi-ful Musicians Practice Qigong

This is a private Facebook Group for musicians interested in practicing Spring Forest Qigong