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Group Guitar Online LIVE Lessons
This 4 Lesson course for adults will teach you how to play guitar QUICKLY.
This program will give you skills to start playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar. 

an evening in:

learning the guitar

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

I AM COMMITTED to teaching students that  are passionate about learning fingerstyle guitar and have the dedication and ambition to pursue the art of learning music for their personal enjoyment
About Cynthia


Cynthia is a private music teacher. She is the owner of Cynthia Ali Studios LLC, a business that helps students learn how to play music.  She has taught guitar for over 15 years and has played guitar since childhood. She believes music learning can be fun, enjoyable and a life long pursuit. Cynthia is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.

Cynthia Ali, NCTM
Founder of Cynthia Ali Studios LLC and Private Music Teacher
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