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Piano for Little Learners

with Paisley the Panda


Enroll Now

$97 per month

Enroll in LEVEL TWO Preschool Piano Program today!

Your little learner will learn how to play piano with their left hand.​ 

You will watch videos, color the learning sheets, practice, sing and more.

Continue to explore the piano with Paisley the Panda.

View the FREE Lessons learning the left hand with Paisley the Panda



Here's what you will get:

Included with this preschool piano program :

Immediate access to all 8 weeks of lessons and 4 bonuses.

  • ​Week One: Introduction - Introduction to the Left Hand

  • Week Two: Learning C - Find Bass C using left hand with"Chloe the Cat"

  • Week Three: Learning D - Explore piano with "Daisy the Dog"

  • Week Four: Learning E - Find Bass E  with "Evander the Eagle"

  • Week Five: Learning F - Meet a new friend "Frieda the Fish"

  • Week Six: Learning G - Play the song "Ginny the Giraffe" with left hand

  • Week Seven: Learning A - Another friend "Alfy the Alpaca"

  • Week Eight: Learning B - Learn Bass B with "Brianna the Bunny"

  • BONUS #1: Continued access to the private Facebook group called “Piano for Little Learners with Paisley the Panda 🐼 Cynthia Ali Studios LLC”.  The place where you, along with your child, can listen to music together, sing songs, color and do activities to learn about piano. And of course....spend time with Paisley the Panda 🐼 and her many friends! 

  • BONUS #2: Level Two Certificate for Completion suitable for framing. 

  • BONUS #3:  Piano Clay Time with Paisley the Panda. Make music symbols, notes, letters, animal figures and numbers with Paisley the Panda. You just need some clay dough so  you and your little learner can watch the videos and make clay music symbols with with Paisley.

  • BONUS #4: Sing-Along Songs with Actions. There are new songs your child can sing along with and do the actions too. The playlist includes Mulberry Bush, She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain, Hickory Dickory Dock and more.

Benefits of the Preschool Piano Program

  • You will receive all the videos and materials you will need to help your child learn piano. You can work on the piano lessons at your own pace.

  • Your piano teacher, Cynthia Ali, NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano) will send personal feedback for videos of your child's practice. Video submission:

  • You will receive newsletters with supplementary information.

  • Stay connected in the private Facebook group and by subscribing to monthly newsletters, even after you complete the 8 weeks of lessons.

  • Additional opportunities: Paisley's Piano Puppet Shows and Virtual Recitals

You will listen to these lessons with your child and help them with the instructions. Each lesson has a practice sheet and color sheet that you can print out each week that your child can use for practice time during the week.

You can supplement this with singing with Sing Along songs and playing with clay dough with Clay Time with Pasiley.

ENROLL NOW $97 per month
Piano for Little Learners with Paisley the Panda
You can enroll in this preschool piano program by filling out the following information. Cynthia Ali, NCTM will send you an invoice via Squareup for $97 per month to your email address listed. Once payment is received, Cynthia Ali, NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano) will send you an email with the information and link to begin your course. 
If you have additional questions before enrolling, please email Cynthia Ali, NTCM directly.
Contact info: Cynthia Ali, NCTM

*30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the online course that you have purchased from Cynthia Ali Studios LLC, you can get your money back no questions asked. You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 30 calendar days of your purchase.

*ACCESS TO COURSE: You will have access to this program for 365 days from the date of your purchase.  At that time your access will expire

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