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Learn Piano: A Personal Practice 

Transform your piano practice with expert tips and enhance your piano skills.

This podcast is about learning to play the piano. The focus is on how to help you develop a personal practice that you love. Piano playing can bring so much enjoyment into your life. 

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Episode 01 How Do I Create a Space Conducive for Piano Learning?

Episode 02 What Genre of Music Would You Enjoy Playing on the Piano?

Episode 03 Why Should I Play Scales During My Personal Practice?

Episode 04 Why Is It Important to Have My Piano Tuned?

Episode 05 When is the Best Time for You to Practice the Piano?

Episode 06 How Do I Get My Music Book to Lay Flat?

Episode 07 How Do I Overcome a Plateau in my Piano Learning?

Episode 08 What Did You Learn About Piano Last Year?


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