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Benefits of Piano Recital Performance

Piano Recitals have so many benefits besides learning the piano piece and performing.

Here are some of the many benefits of performing in a recital:

Practice Motivator: Learning a new piece for a recital is a great practice motivator. It's good to have a deadline to work towards to learn the piece. Students will benefit from working toward this goal and feel good about learning their piece in time for the recital.

Confidence Builder: Playing piano in front of an audience will be a confidence builder. Students will see that they are able to perform in front of others. This skills will benefit them in many areas in their life.

Sharing Music: Sharing music with family and friends is so wonderful. Students enjoy playing songs for their family to show what they have accomplished. Music brings so much joy to everyone!

Educational: Recitals are educational in that student will see others perform and learn from them. They will also hear new pieces and will learn how other repertoire sounds.

Inspiring: Sometime during recitals students will hear a song that inspires them to learn the piece too. It's a great place to discover new pieces to play and someday perform them. It's also inspiring to see older students perform. The younger students become aware that if they keep up diligant practice, they'll be able to play like that too someday.

Community Support: Attending recitals helps support piano community and is an opportunity to make new friends. It is meaningful to have other watch the performances.

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