Week One

Print out the workbook first, then watch the Lesson Video.

During the week use the Lesson One Practice Book and the Play Along video to practice.


Practice Workbook

Lesson One

Please print before you watch the video for Lesson One.

Play Along

Lesson One

Practice Video

During this week you can watch this video and play along during your practice time. The songs are also in the practice workbook. 

Week Two

Continue to WEEK TWO.

Lesson One:

LESSON ONE: First Chords and Learn to Read Tabs

In this lesson you will learn how to create a designated space for playing guitar and learn how to read chord diagrams and tabs.

LESSON ONE: 45 minutes


Major, Minor, Sevenths

These are video tutorials of the chords that you will learn in this course. If you need help figuring out a chord, these tutorials will be helpful in assisting you.

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