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A place for musicians to find more calm while becoming more balanced and receiving overall well-being as a musician.

Qigong for Musicians 
Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group 

Welcome to Qigong for Musicians!

Qigong for Musicians is a Spring Forest Practice group that has been created to hold the space for musicians to and support them with the practice of qigong. Qigong for Musicians is a growing community of musicians looking to find more peace and calm and overall well-being in their livesBy practicing Qigong, musicians cultivate stillness, become more balanced and have overall well-being.


This practice group is lead by Cynthia Ali, a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader.

Not a musician? Music lovers are welcome too!

JOIN US: Qi-ful Musicians Practice Group (Private Facebook Group)

Qigong for Musicians Practice Group

Qigong for Musicians can help you if:

1. You are tired of having performance ANXIETY that spreads into your everyday life as a musician

2. You suffer from PERFECTIONISM as you practice and perform.

3.  You are looking for PEACE and CALM in your life as a musician.

4. You are looking for overall WELL-BEING

5.  You belief your body is your instrument and you want to TAKE CARE of it to enhance your playing.

6. You are feeling UNINSPIRED musically and need to become unblocked, so your musicality can flow again.





Qi-ful Musicians Practice Qigong

This is a private Facebook Group for musicians interested in practicing Spring Forest Qigong


  • Five Element Practice

  • Seated Meditation
  • Head to Toe Healing Tips

If you would like to be included on the mailing list for the next

POP-UP Qigong Event, please fill out the form below.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Qigong for Musicians community!

Questions? Cynthia Ali:

Fill out form to receive a free Qigong for Musicians practice video.
Cynthia Ali will send you the link to the practice, as soon as she receives your request.
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Cynthia Ali

Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader

Cynthia Ali is a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader. She was introduced to SFQ around 2010. As Cynthia started practicing Spring Forest Qigong, she found this practice brought balance to a her life. It had been filled with the anxieties of being a performing musician. Before she did not have a tool to help restore her life to balance and peace. Spring Forest Qigong has given her a deeper sense of stillness, calm and overall well-being as a musician. Along with this, she found relief from reoccurring severe stomach pain she'd experienced since childhood. This was a very profound experience for her.

In 2020, Cynthia participated in Master Chunyi Lin’s 100 day challenge of Qigong Everyday. This everyday practice is such a beautiful tool to have during life’s journey as a musician.

Cynthia is grateful to be able share Spring Forest Qigong to help musicians foster balance, stillness and well-being in their lives.

Master Chunyi Lin’s vision is:

A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering. 

Find more about about Spring Forest Qigong here: :

Thanks to the MMTA Foundation Fund for awarding Cynthia Ali, NCTM a

Teacher Enrichment Grant 2022-2023. This grant is for pursuing and enriching

the practice group: Qigong for Musicians

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